8 Reasons why you’ve still created a Blog (and you should)

When a person, whether a friend or family member, tells me about a new project he has, an idea he wants to develop or anything else he wants to achieve, one of the recommendations I always make is to create a blog.

A blog can make a big difference in the personal and professional life of anyone who takes it seriously. It has many unique benefits and can help you grow and get results on virtually any type of project (even if it’s not online).

However, when I make this recommendation, (almost) I always receive answers in the form of pretexts and imaginary obstacles. Arguments like “I do not know how to create a blog”, “but I do not know how to write”, “what can I contribute?”, “I do not have time”, etc.

Favorite excuses for not creating a blog (and how to do it today) is always about Blog Excuses, Are these obstacles really valid?

That is what we are going to analyze in this article. The most common reasons why you have not yet created a blog and how to take that great step that results so good can give you.

Reason # 1 – Not knowing how to start

The first obstacle that may be stopping you to start your blog is the lack of knowledge or steps that need to be taken in order to start publishing successfully.

It is much easier to take action when given a step-by-step guide to what exactly we have to do to be able to accomplish any task or goal. Creating a professional or high quality blog may seem complicated, but the reality is that the creation process is simple and can be completed in relatively little time.

This involves:
1. Choose a niche or market niche
2. Buy a domain
3. Hiring a web hosting account
4. Install WordPress on the domain
5. Configure WordPress
6. And Finaly Start publishing

Reason # 2 – Not Knowing the Basic Requirements

To make your blog a reality, you need to have some basic tools that make up the final puzzle pieces.

Many people think that a free blog on Blogger, Tumblr or WordPress.com is enough and is to the maximum that can be aspired. However, with a little more effort and initial investment, you can have a blog with a lot more potential and customization options.

The basic requirements for a real blog are: a domain and a web hosting account.

The domain is the name that will identify you and make it unique in the Web (example: google.com) and the hosting refers to the server or servers that will allow all the information and documents you publish will be accessible to Internet users.

After fulfilling this comes the use of WordPress (or any other blogging platform you decide to use).

In summary: the basic requirements to start a blog are accessible both technically and economically for all types of users.

Reason # 3 – Lack of technical knowledge

Within the times I recommend starting a blog, one of the most common answers is something similar to: “But I do not know programming”, “I have never designed a page” or any other argument that involves a lack of technical knowledge.

Has something similar happened to you?
Many people see it impossible to start their blog because they think they need to know programming, web design or any other technical knowledge that few have.

I have excellent news: to create your own blog in WordPress you do not need to know programming or Web design. If you know how to publish photos on Facebook, check your mail and write a document in Microsoft Word, you can without any problem begin your blog, design and manage it successfully.

Reason # 4 – Not knowing the theme of your new blog

I really want to start my blog but I do not know what to write about!
This is good news. You have the desire and motivation to share your knowledge and experience with the world, all you need to know is what topic you are going to focus on.

It should not be so complicated to find the ideal subject.

The first thing everyone tells us is that we find our passion and write about it. This is correct, however, it is important to first establish the purpose or purpose of the new blog to create.

If you are going to create a blog with the intention of selling products, advertising or monetizing it in any way, then it is necessary to know if the topic or niche to be chosen has potential and if it involves any need or problem that can be solved for readers .

If we choose a topic where there is no interest, there is no market and there is an unmet need, however much we like or our passion, it will be virtually impossible to monetize it through the blog.

For these cases it is crucial to find a balance between our tastes or passions and the potential of the topic or niche to be monetized.

Nor is it about choosing something that we do not like but that has many options to make money.

It’s all about balance.

If you are posting to your blog without any intention of doing business, then you can choose any topic. Of course, do a previous research to find out if there are other blogs on the topic or if there is some interest in the Internet for the information you would publish.

A blog without readers is like an empty movie theater or an abandoned book in the corner of your favorite bookstore.

I leave a tip on 3 of the most important issues, with more potential for monetization and from which come many sub-themes that you can use for your new blog:

  • Money and finance
  • Health, weight loss and fitness
  • Relationships and love
  • There are also others, but these are the three “mega-niches” that will be on the right track.

Reason # 5 – Past or other experiences

Has it happened that you really want to see a movie but someone tells you that it is very bad or not worth it?

Automatically the expectations and desire to go to the cinema to see it diminish.

Is it good or bad? That you can only find out.

Each person is a different world, with different tastes, opinions, prejudices and perspectives. If that person did not like the movie, it does not mean that you are not going to enjoy it either.

The same thing happens with different experiences. If someone you know tells you that he started a blog and it did not work, do not think that’s why it will not work either.

Even if you first started a blog on Blogger, WordPress.com, Tumblr or any other platform and after a few days you abandoned it, do not take it as a reference.

The past is not the future. We can decide to change course by decision and action

Reason # 6 – Lack of motivation and vision

Many people like the idea of ​​starting a blog. You know you have a lot of potential and you can achieve great things, but that desire stays that way.

There is no greater motivation for them to take action and start publishing their content.

Or worse yet: there are those who start, they publish constantly with much desire and as they pass the weeks they lose that initial motivation. In the end they end up abandoning their blog for lack of results.

Starting a blog is something simple. It can be achieved even in a few hours. What really takes the most time and effort is to publish quality content, position yourself in the niche and start having traffic, loyal readers, subscribers and customers.

Unfortunately, many products and “experts” on the Internet promise results totally out of the reality. Things like “with my method you will have thousands of visits a day” or “create your blog in WordPress and the next day you can win lots of pasta”.

These types of promises create false expectations, which translates into loss of motivation and vision on the part of new bloggers.

Everything takes time, especially creating a quality blog with lots of traffic and readers.
Before you begin, create a long-term vision and keep in mind that you will need to work hard every day with effort and dedication to achieve those results in terms of traffic and profits.

Reason # 7 – “I do not know how to write”

Ah, one of my favorite excuses.

On multiple occasions I have recommended to several friends and acquaintances to start a blog; I even offered to help them with the whole technical process and I even offered them free hosting.

Still, none of them has accepted my generous offer. Some of the arguments I hear most relate to not knowing how to write:

“But I do not know how to write”
“I’ve never been good at writing”
“I do not have the discipline to write and publish constantly”
“I have many misspellings”
Something that I find fascinating is that anyone, regardless of ability or experience, can start and create his own blog successfully.

You do not need to be a professional or expert editor to publish. If you think that you do not know how to write well, it does not matter, it still starts and as you practice, the better you will become and the better you will write.

Remember that practice makes perfect.

I’m sure we all have something to contribute based on our unique knowledge, skills and experiences that no one else has.

Do not let the excuse of “not know how to write” prevent you from sharing that important message that can impact thousands or millions of people

Reason # 8 – Lack of Clear Objectives

Finally, the lack of clear objectives.

When starting a blog, it is very important to know the main purpose and also the goals that you want to achieve.

What do you want to create and publish in a blog?
Write on a piece of paper a list of things you want to accomplish with your new blog. It can be to sell a product, to publish and promote a book, to position your business on the Internet, to publicize your designs or any other.

The important thing is to be clear what you want to achieve and from there to create a plan to achieve it.
After reading this article, I hope that those common obstacles that you could have when starting a blog are already overcome and you can take the first step TODAY.

As we saw in another article, creating a blog has multiple unique benefits and can not be found anywhere else or model on the Internet. Now is the time to take action and share your knowledge on the Web.


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