Basic Requirements for Email Marketing

To be able to setup success an email marketing strategy, it is necessary to fulfill some basic requirements:


Basic Requirements for Email Marketing

An autoresponder is the software that does all the magic and automates the whole process of email marketing. This is some what you can do with it:

  1. Capture emails with subscription forms and thus convert people or traffic into subscribers
  2. Send emails (with HTML design optional)
  3. Put different forms of subscription in your blog or website
  4. Create a sequence of automated messages or emails that are sent to subscribers every certain time
  5. Target subscribers in different lists
  6. Manage Subscribers
  7. Create a newsletter in a simple way
  8. Measure performance and conversions for campaigns and messages

An autoresponder is the tool that opens the door to all the benefits of email marketing. 100% indispensable. Personally I recommend both Aweber and Mailchimp, two excellent solutions with everything you need to get started.

Web page or blog

Basic Requirements for Email Marketing

Although it is possible to do email marketing without a website, it is best to have one to create capture pages, place subscription forms, send subscribers to different offers or blog content, convert traffic to subscribers and much more.

To build a website you’ll need a server and domain, both very accessible and easy to acquire (about $ 20 USD to start). To create your web page or blog I recommend WordPress, although you have a lot of options and content management systems.

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Product or service to promote

Basic Requirements for Email Marketing

Unless your email marketing campaign is 100% focused on sharing your blog posts, you will need to have a product (s) or service to promote your subscribers. They can be physical products of a virtual store, information products such as eBooks or courses, software and applications or services of different type.

The main objective of each of your campaigns

Before you begin, it is very important to know what you are going to create your campaigns for and with specific goals. It can be promote a new product to the market, to create relationship with your subscribers, to respond a survey and to know more about them, to promote your blog or anything else.

Defining your main goal will allow you to create better communication and messages, which leads to better results and conversions.

Email Messages

Basic Requirements for Email Marketing

Although you do not need to have all your written messages before you start, it’s good to know what type of emails you’re going to write to your subscribers and the purpose of each of them. I recommend you to find a good balance between sales emails and informational emails. Sending 100% sales messages and promotions is not the best idea. 100% promotion may not bring you some money otherwise 100% sales will make your subscribers booring and kick you to spam folder.

So be wise and always focusing to your subscribers satisfaction. They need informations as important as your product.

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