Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Let’s see what are the benefits that you will get to put all these practices in use:


With authority, the people in your niche will trust you and you will become a referent or leader in everything you do. Of course, this benefit does not come overnight, but it is one of the most important. When there is trust, the chances of selling and creating a long-term relationship are greatly increased.

More visits

There is not much explanation here. The more you share and the more influence you have on networks, the more traffic you will have and more people will read what you post. Just do not abuse and find a good rate of publication on Facebook and Twitter. Not too little but not too much.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing


This benefit applies to content marketing. Google is giving more points to articles or contents which are shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

It is like a form of social proof and the content is useful and relevant. So, the more people share your content on social networks, the better positions you’ll get on Google and SEO.

We do not have to rely our SEO strategy 100% base on this factor. But it certainly is something to take into account.


In social media marketing, there are not only potential prospects or customers to whom you can sell your products or services; You can also find other experts and users with a high level of experience and influence in your industry or market.

On Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus and all other platforms you can interact with them, get to know them more and create a relationship that can become a strategic alliance that can give very good results to your business.

Market research

Today market research is much easier thanks to the Internet and the tools we have at our fingertips. In social networks, you can ask any question that works to better know the needs, problems or desires of your market and you will receive very good answers.

You can also use tools to create surveys like SurveyMonkey or Google Docs. You send it to your followers and in a few hours, you receive the answers that have come to you.

It is not the only way to do market research on the Internet, but it can be very useful to receive more feedback and to know more about any niche.

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