Bungie officially confirms launch of ‘Destiny 2’

Bungie, parents of the ‘Halo’ franchise, have announced by a brief tweet in their official account the arrival of ‘Destiny 2’, the sequel to their successful franchise Released in the generation of PS4 and Xbox One. The truth is that the developer could not have been more brief when officially announcing to the world the launch of ‘Destiny 2’, and is that it has not measured any words, have simply hung The image that accompanies this news, and you can see below.

This image comes to make clear to us, that the rumors related to the arrival of ‘Destiny 2’ were right, and now we are left to see when and as reveal new details Activision or Bungie herself. And is that, for example, it is worth remembering that in the last days appeared information that pointed to its possible launch in March, as well as a more than possible PC version for the game. Unfortunately, today we have not been in doubt about any of these issues so relevant, but without a doubt, each day that passes we are closer to get the answers we crave.

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