How to Choose The Right Topic for Your Blog

One of the main obstacles you find new aspiring bloggers is the choice of a theme.

Whether they do not know what to write, they see too many options and they do not decide, they think they are not good for publishing on a certain topic or any other type of doubt or uncertainty, it is a fact that this choice can be an impediment or difficulty to create A blog.

Today more than ever we have the possibility to create a blog and share information on any topic that we like or interest.

But how do you choose from so many options available? Many times it seems like there are so many options out there, it is impossible to choose just one.

Guide to choosing the right theme for your blog

How to Choose The Right Topic for Your Blog

The goal of this article is that you can learn to choose the ideal theme for your new blog without taking so long and know that you made the right decision. Something that happens a lot is that we started a blog and in the middle of the road we realize that that was not the right topic or that it does not work to grow and have readers.

To avoid spending months of time and effort, follow the tips below to choose the right topic for your blog.

The 3 Mega-Niches

Within the Internet and offline world there are three niches that cover between 80% and 90% of the needs of humans.

Yes, there is competition, but there are also sales and are much more tested than others that involve a greater risk.

These are:

  1. Finance and Money
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Relations

These terms are very general and subjective. Generally within each of these three mega niches we can find different subniches in which we can focus our blog.

For example, within the Finance and Money niche we can find the following subtopics:

  1. How to start a business
  2. How to get out of debt
  3. How to make money online
  4. How to invest successfully

These and many others. The same thing happens with Health and Fitness, where we can find the popular niche to lose weight and also the prevention of diseases or how to have more muscle mass.

The most important thing here is that you clearly define what the niche or theme you are going to focus on.

Unless you’re going to have a plan to create a “mega-blog” with many editors and content every day, it’s best to be specific and focus on a single topic or need.

Special niches or hobbies

In addition to the three mega niches we have already seen, there are also other issues that can be very successful and have nothing to do with these essential needs that are so important to humans.

I refer to topics such as:

  1. Video game
  2. Other games (cards, for example)
  3. Hobbies of different type
  4. Learning to play musical instruments
  5. Learn crafts
  6. Other more!

This type of mini niches usually have a very fanatical and passionate audience, which can certainly be part of a good monetization process that you implement in your blog.

If you are a fan or specialist in any of these niches (or any other) where you see the potential to create an audience and business, do not hesitate to choose it.

Do I have to be passionate about the theme of my blog?

How to Choose The Right Topic for Your Blog 1

One of the suggestions that we can find more when choosing a topic or niche for our blog is to simply choose a topic that we are passionate about.

The typical “do what you love and money will come” when choosing a profession can also be compared when choosing a blog. Many bloggers and experts recommend it.

Of course it is important that the subject is to our liking and interest, but in my opinion based solely on passion or taste can be a big mistake, especially if one of the main goals is to make money with the blog.

A blog without readers is as if it did not exist. That is why we need first of all to ensure that in our subject there is possibility to create an audience, list of subscribers and potential to sell or monetize.

Not because a topic I am passionate or like much means that there is enough market to create a blog successful in terms of traffic and profits.

How to Choose The Right Topic for Your Blog 1

This is CRUCIAL.

To ensure that there is a market and people interested in the subject that can become readers, subscribers and customers, I recommend:

Conduct prior research

Sign in to and start looking for terms and keywords related to the topic you are interested in for your new blog. Check the most relevant results, look for forums, comments on blogs and all kinds of information and places where users interact and share interesting information.

Respond to the questions:

  1. Are there other topic blogs with traffic and readers?
  2. Are there other users selling products in the niche?
  3. How many searches per month do the top keywords you search for? (You can use different tools to know this, like Google Keyword Planner)
  4. What kind of comments and interactions do users have?

In addition to answering these questions, write down all sorts of interesting information that you may find useful.

Finding competition is a good sign as it means that if there is a market for the topic or niche you want to choose.

Key question: Are people actively seeking solutions to that problem or need?

Although not mandatory, it is very helpful and you will have a great advantage if the people in your market ARE ALWAYS actively looking for a solution to your problem, need or desire.

In this type of markets there is much more urgency and therefore, more options for them to buy your product or service. There is not much work to be done.

For example: In the niche of losing weight, there is usually a lot of urgency to solve this problem, especially in extreme cases and involving possible medical problems and diseases like diabetes or hypertension.

If people in the market are not proactively looking for solutions, it can still be a good topic, though it should be considered that it will be a bit more complicated to monetize and sell.

In summary: Find a balance between your passions / tastes and the potential of the market in terms of web traffic and monetization. Nobody likes to write and create content in a topic or niche that they do not like or passionate about. However, passion is not the only thing to consider.

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