Define Your Email Marketing Strategy and Take Action

According to your business model, objective and needs you will be able to make the best decision about what the email marketing strategy will be. It does not have to be some of the ones that I have just shared, you can adopt one and mold it or modify it. The important thing is, it works and meet your capacity and Goals.

Define Your Email Marketing Strategy and Take Action

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The steps to get started with email marketing are:

  1. Create your website or blog
  2. Have established niche and product or service you are going to offer (or the content being a no-sale strategy)
  3. Get the autoresponder that best suits with what you need (Aweber and Mailchimp are my favorites)
  4. Set the target for your campaigns
  5. Create and automate your messages
  6. Implement a Web traffic strategy
  7. Measure your opening, click and conversion results in your messages.
  8. Make the necessary optimizations

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Performing the entire infrastructure and building campaigns is the first step. In order to generate subscribers, people need to leave their data in their subscription forms. This is achieved by generating visits and web traffic to your site.


What other resources or email marketing tips do you recommend? What is your favorite autoresponder? Share with us in the comments and start to help each other.

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