Definitive Guide for a Marketing Strategy in Social Networks

Do you have Facebook or Twitter? I also! Today it is rare when somebody isn’t active on social networks, sharing their life and being in contact with their friends or families. All this technology has grown a lot in recent years and has reached dimensions that perhaps were unthought until a couple of decades.

I find it incredible how I can communicate and speak with any family or friend anywhere in the world quickly and easily. Or how I can create alliances and relationships with other people that I have never seen in person but that I know 100% online and that I consider them friends or colleagues.

It is a wonder!

But what about business and marketing?

In addition to being used for a personal life, you can also take advantage of social networking to do marketing and grow an Internet business. In this guide, you will learn about social media marketing and everything you can get by applying the right strategy.

Definitive Guide for a Marketing Strategy in Social Networks

Marketing Strategies in Social Networks – Getting Started Guide

Before beginning to see the different techniques and marketing tips in social networks that can be used, let us first review other aspects that are more interesting and will help us realize how important they are today in communication and In internet marketing.

Why do social media marketing?

Although the average user can only use them to share photos and be in contact with their friends, social networks have a great utility in marketing and business. Let’s look at some of its main purposes:


If you are creating a new brand that you want to make known and that people can quickly identify, social networks are the ideal channel to achieve it. First create the identity, logo and main message of your brand and then start positioning it within your niche market. With a good strategy, you can make it known in an effective way and with the possibility of reaching thousands (or millions) of people.

Interaction with your audience

Do you want to know more about what people think, say and do in your industry or niche? With social networks, you can have direct interaction with users interested in your products or services.

This is very useful to know more about your needs, your wishes, problems, frustrations, motivations or any other aspect that allows you to know more about your prospects. The better you know, the better solutions you can offer.


Social networks have the potential to bring large amounts of web traffic to your blog or website. Sharing quality content, articles, videos, infographics or any other information of value and contributing something to the main social networks can give a viral effect to your marketing.

I highly recommend reading the post about viral marketing. This strategy makes the most of the social networks in terms of traffic generation and visits.

Positioning and Reputation

No matter if you start and nobody knows you, social networks are the perfect way to position yourself as an expert or as someone who knows the subject and can approve something interesting in your niche.

Many people prefer to listen and pay attention to someone who is well positioned in social networks and has many followers to someone who has no profile or (almost) no activity. It is a form of social proof and reputation.

Content Marketing and Blogging

There are many sources of traffic and ways to get people to read our blog and all the information we offer. Social networks are interesting because they foster interaction, debate, opinion and allow readers to share their information with information they find interesting or valuable.

All of these platforms like Facebook or Twitter can take your blogging and content marketing to extraordinary levels of reach, influence, and visits.

How to propel your sales

Although many people do, I do not consider marketing social networking as a means to make direct sales or aggressive promotions. Of course, from time to time it is possible and nothing happens, but this would be 1 in 10 messages. If all the time is promoted or offer products/services, users start to bother, bother or simply ignore the publications.

Use social networks as a propeller for your sales with branding, traffic, positioning, to meet your audience, to live with them and most important of all: TO CREATE TRUST. That confidence is what later (and through another channel) becomes sales.

Customer service

If you already have a company with a considerable number of customers, you can use social networks as a means to answer questions, questions or problems that your customers have in the after-sales stage. I have seen many reputed companies use this method.

You can even create specific customer service accounts and apart from having the normal account (especially on Twitter).

Instant Feedback

Do you have a great idea for a new product? Did you happen to do an experiment on your prices? Did you write an excellent article and want to know immediate opinions?

Social networks will allow you to receive food from all this and anything else that you publish (almost) immediately. Depending on the number of fans or fans you have, in a few minutes, you can have several valuable answers that can help you a lot.

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