They develop a colorless coffee that promises not to stain teeth

The British brothers David and Adam Nagy have developed ‘Clear Coffee’, the first colorless coffee in the world. This product, made of fresh coffee and caffeine, comes out without the characteristic brown color but with the essence of the old coffee, one of the main values ​​of this new brand.

Clear developers have ensured that this new product does not stain teeth, or clothing. At the same time, they have also confirmed that coffee contains no preservatives, artificial flavors, stabilizers, sugar or any other sweetener. Therefore, this is an option that aims to compete against traditional coffee.

colorless coffee

Composition of ‘Clear Coffee’

This drink has been made from a blend of high quality arabica coffee beans and pure water. Developers have assured that it is produced by methods that have never been used before and thanks to this combination of technology and high quality ingredients have been able to create a product that is unique in both color and flavor.

The Nagy brothers have explained to BuzzFeed the process of making this product, which for the moment has only been released in the United Kingdom: “We process the coffee beans a week after they have been toasted. Approximately three hours “.


Therefore, Clear reaches the market with the intention of offering the classic flavor of the coffee but with a distinctive touch that distinguishes it from the competition. The product, which can be purchased through the website, goes on sale in two containers.

The first, consisting of two bottles of 200 milliliters, can be purchased for 6.99 pounds, about seven euros. The second is a batch of five bottles that has gone on sale for 14.99 pounds, about 18 euros. Those who have tasted it have explained that Clear Coffee has the taste of a “loaded cold beer.” Meanwhile, the detractors of this invention have ruled that it is just water with a touch of coffee.

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