Email Marketing – A Practical Guide to Getting Started

Over the last few years, the Internet has created and opened up new channels of communication between users, groups, businesses and commercial. If we have to talk to our friends and relatives who lives on the other side of world, we may use some ways like:

  1. Via email
  2. With social networks (Facebook, Twitter and others)
  3. With a blog
  4. With an instant messaging program
  5. With a video call (Skype, Hangout)
  6. Other forms

The same goes for business. All these methods are used to communicate internally in companies, to talk and close deals with suppliers, sellers and also with customers at the time of sale and after-sales service. For Internet marketing, many ways to reach prospects and sell, thanks to advances technology and the Internet. In this article we will focus on email, one of the oldest and most traditional forms of digital communication.

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Email Marketing – A Guide to Starting Your First Campaign

Let’s first look at some of the most interesting benefits of practicing a good email marketing strategy:

Personal communication

Email Marketing Tips Trick

When a person visits a Web page, a communication from one sender (blogger, Webmaster or owner of the page) is established to several recipients (all visitors to the site). This is good and necessary to begin with the interaction. When a person subscribes to a list of marketing emails, the communication becomes one by one, ie sender (person or business that sends email) to a receiver (the subscriber).

This creates much more personal interaction, which brings with many of the benefits that I explain below.

Build trust and long-term relationship

Email Marketing Tips Trick

By having personal communication with each subscriber, each message builds trust and a long-term relationship, which helps boost sales and increase the number of loyal customers who buy everything – or almost everything. Trust is KEY to being able to sell successfully, especially on the Internet.

Email marketing (in the right way) is creating trust, reputation and relationships.

Own Database

Email Marketing Tips Trick

When we have traffic to our website or blog, each of those visits has own control and decision to stay or close the tab of browser, which means that you probably will not return and miss a possible client or even a strategic alliance. With email marketing you have a database of visitors which you can contact and send messages as often as the user decides. And although the opening of messages is never 100%, you have much more control and initiative in communication and interaction.

More traffic

If you have considerable list of subscribers, in addition to promoting products and creating a good relationship, you can use it to generate Web traffic to your site. For example, if you write an excellent guide in your blog, your subscribers can be the first to read it and share it on their social networks with a simple email that includes the link. Fast traffic and also brings positive points for search engine.

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