Email Marketing Strategies – Define Yours

There are different email marketing strategies that you can implement in your business with different approaches that adapt to your goal. Here are some approaches you can use:

Traditional Newsletter

Email Marketing Strategies - Define Yours

This template works very well when you have a blog where you add content frequently. Subscribers are sent emails with useful information and a link to every new posts or articles where they can learn something new. With this strategy you generate a good relationship with subscribers through quality content, which works to build trust and make you gradually become known as an expert in your niche. You can also include sales messages every 2 or 3 emails, not so aggressive and try put some proven case.

Strategy 100% content

I have also seen some well-known experts who use an email marketing model totally focused on providing free content and non-sales messages. The clearest example is Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. Every time I receive an email from them is about a new article on their blog, an update of every new projects or important developments. The sale leaves it for their blog.

Is this strategy adequate? Maybe. For some cases or users sure it works very well but for others not so much 😉

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Sale-Content Strategy

Email Marketing Strategies - Define Yours

Applying this method gives greater emphasis to sales and promotion messages without forgetting content that can help increase trust and reciprocity on the part of subscribers. For example, for every 3 sales messages, one is sent with interesting or valuable content (either within the message or linked to the blog).

This model can be good for businesses where you have a good variety of products or for eCommerce virtual stores.

Strategy 100% Sale

Campaigns 100% focused on promoting products or services are recommended for users or experts who are already have well positioned in their niche and have authority, trust and good reputation. If you are starting, maybe this is not the best option since subscribers prefer to receive something that contribute to their lives instead of pure sales messages from someone they do not know much about.

ARM Strategy

Email Marketing Strategies - Define Yours

ARM refers to Auto Responder Madness, an e-marketing course by Andre Chaperon where he teaches to create email marketing campaigns where it is written based on stories and as if it were a TV show or a novel. The messages contain drama, emotion and a touch that makes the reader become “message junkie”, especially when implementing open loops.

Open loops are done when at the end or at some point in the mail you are told what they are going to learn in the next lesson or they just leave the rest of the story or content for the next email. This creates expectation and intrigue on the part of the readers and causes that they remain pending and anxious to receive the following message.

As a virtual novel in email mode

This strategy is used a lot in TV programs, where they leave the viewer expectant of what is going to happen in the next chapter with unfinished ends or cutting the main plot. Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are perfect examples of this.


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