Everything You Need to Know to Set Up an Online Store and Start Selling

ECommerce is one of the Internet business models that had most interest and growth in recent years. The Internet offers great infrastructure and technology to be able to sell any kinds of physical (or even digital) products in a virtual store that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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No matter your business size, you can set up an online store quickly, without spending too much money and with any kind of tools ready for all users (with or without experience). If you want to start WordPress eCommerce, you’ll need:

  • A domain and hosting account
  • WordPress installed on that domain
  • A plugin that transforms the platform into an eCommerce portal (like Woocommerce or Cart66)
  • A theme (or template) that adapts the design to that of a store
  • A payment processor (such as Paypal)

In this guide, you will find step by step on how to set up an online store with these tools.

How to Build an Online Store with WordPress and Woocommerce – Step by Step Guide

1. Install Woocommerce

install woocommerce

Lets assume that you already have WordPress installed in your hosting domain. First step is to install Woocommerce plugin. Enter Plugins> Add New, search for “woocommerce” and complete the installation and activation process.

2. Create the necessary pages

After you activated the plugin you will see a notification that offers you the option of installing Woocommerce pages. Click this button to create the essential pages like “Shopping Cart”, “Pay”, “My Account”, etc.

3. Install your theme

install wordpress theme

Before continuing, I recommend installing your theme compatible with Woocommerce. Go to Appearance> Themes. Click Add New, then click Upload if you already have the theme on your computer (in .ZIP). Activate it and go! You will have on the right side a panel dedicated to the theme options that you have chosen for your store. (In my case AllShop).

4. Setting up Woocommerce

woocommerce setup

The first thing we have to deal with, is Store Settings. Click on Woocommerce> Settings. In this section you can find the following tabs:

General. You’ll need to change some options like store location, countries where it is going to be shipped, main currency and some other options.
Products. This part configures everything related to listing options and product information. Seting about image size and how the downloadable products processed.
Taxes. Enables taxes and set tax calculation automatically.
Checkout. This is one of the most important configurations since you can enable different forms of payment such as Paypal, credit card, checks, bank deposit, etc. If you need another payment processor, check the compatibility with Woocommerce. In this section you can also enable the use of coupons and discouts.
Shipping. Everything related to the different types of shipments that you can offer in the store (international, local, free, local collection, etc).
Accounts. Settings of the page of “My account” to which each client has access.
Email. Configure notifications and which emails are sent when you make a purchase, invoice, password reset or creation of new account. You can also modify the default e-mail template to the customer when purchasing a product.
Check each of these tabs very well and make the necessary settings to make your shop work perfectly

5. Create product categories and attributes

woocommerce attribut setup

Before adding your products, it is important to create the main categories and also attributes. Click Products> Categories. If you have already added categories for a blog in WordPress, this menu will be very familiar since the process is same. You can also add subcategories.

Then click on Products> Attributes. These are some different characteristics your products will have, for example size, color, size, etc. In main menu add the corresponding attribute. For example I added Size. Then click on small nut on right side to configure the terms. In this case the sizes are Small, Medium and Large. Repeat same process with other necessary attributes.

6. Add your products

how to setup product ecommerce

It is time to add products. Enter Products> Add New. The menu to add a new product in Woothemes is very similar that is used to add entries posts, the difference is that it contains some exclusive sections to modify different essential characteristics.

In the menu below is where basic product information is edited, including:

  1. Regular price (and discount price)
  2. Inventory Status
  3. Shipment information
  4. Linked products
  5. Attributes of the product (to use them first we must add them as we did in the previous step)
  6. More advanced aspects

By default simple product option is selected.

Remember, to reach your success in internet business you need 2 things, ACTION anda NEVER GIVE UP.

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