Extra Tips to Choose The Theme of Your Blog

Here are some good tips and strategies to choose the best possible topic for your new blog:


Turn off your computer and your cell phone to avoid distractions. Then, with a notebook and pen, write down a list of topics that you like and in which you could focus your blog.

You can first list the most general topics and then add subtopics to one side. So your list will be more organized. Write everything that comes to your mind and go ordering each term and paragraph that you have.

At the end of the exercise you will have a very good list of possible topics for your new blog, now you just need to do the research to find which one can be more profitable and with greater potential.

Extra Tips to Choose The Theme of Your Blog

Search for active communities

By this I mean forums, groups in Facebook or Linkedin, discussions or any other site in the Web where there is interaction between users.

This is where you can realize what your main problems, needs or desires are. Based on this you can create a strategy and know if it is really viable to create a blog on the topic.

Evaluate the competition

Check out other blogs that are already active. Evaluate its content, design, unique offer and everything they offer.

What can you offer different from them? What can you do better?

Competition can be a great source of inspiration and ideas. You do not have to be expert. If you are interested or very passionate about a subject, but you do not have much knowledge or you are not an expert, do not worry!

It is not necessary to be a guru or have studied a topic for years to create a blog about it.

A great advantage is that you can learn about any area or interest you have and at the same time share in your blog everything you learn. This brings value to the market and at the same time allows you to learn and understand much faster since you are teaching and giving your experience in real time.

Commitment to create constant content

Extra Tips to Choose The Theme of Your Blog


For a blog to be successful and good results, it is necessary to publish new content consistently. It does not have to be every day, but it does at least 2 or 3 times a week. This helps you have more traffic, better SEO positioning, build trust in the market and grow a subscriber list.

Before starting, it is important to be aware of the effort and commitment involved in the constant creation and publication of content in a blog. It may not be so easy at first, but the more we write, the easier and fun it becomes. In addition to creating the discipline of writing (almost) every day.

Is there growth or loss of interest?

There are topics where there will always be interest and people interested. On the other hand, there are also others where there is only one trend and with the passage of time the interest is gradually falling.

Identifying possible future trends and recognizing when certain themes are down can be an invaluable skill in choosing topics and creating blogs.

Of course we can also find topics where there will always be interest and need for information, especially in the three major and major niches that we saw at the beginning of this guide. Follow these tips to choose the best topic for your blog, which you like and also have the potential to generate a lot of traffic and revenue.

Once you have chosen the theme of your blog …

Extra Tips to Choose The Theme of Your Blog

Create an avatar of your ideal reader

Who is your ideal reader? What are your main frustrations and motivations? What do you do and think about your day? After you have done market research, create an avatar of your ideal reader.

This refers to a person (you choose his name) that meets all the requirements that the ideal person has to become a reader and fan of your blog.

Write all his characteristics and traits of his personality.

Although invented, it will allow you to be very clear the type of person you want to read your blog, and every marketing action you do will be much more targeted and focused on this avatar, which will allow you to attract readers of quality and much More interest in what you offer.

Once you’ve chosen the theme of your blog, it’s time to take action!

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