Google Maps is full of links to download movies

Google has gone a step further in its fight against the spread of pirated content: it no longer indexes the websites that offer it in the results of its search engine. However, made the law made the trap. The owners of these pages have found a curious way to circumvent the block in the search engine, and is to offer their links to download movies on Google Maps.

This Google map application is not included in the blocking. That’s why links to download and watch series and movies online still appear among the search results on Maps. It’s an original way of disappearing from Google’s radar, at least for now.

Thousands of links to pirated content sites that appear on Google Maps have been detected. They do it thanks to My Maps, an additional service that allows you to create custom maps with your favorite places. In the comments that are attached to these marked places you can place a link that at the moment is totally undetectable.

To avoid copyright infringement, Google would have to scan all these personal maps. Another option to remove the service, something that seems unlikely.

In addition to finding totally free paid content, users who decide to pirate movies in this way can be found with unpleasant surprises. All sorts of malware, including ransomware, camp at your leisure and uncontrolled among these custom maps.

What makes this quirky trick of Google Maps clear is that even though the company has the power to filter the results, pirates are always one step ahead. Two decades or more of anti-piracy online have shown that the only way to end it is to have a good legal offer of good, nice and cheap content.

The test is the success of Netflix, HBO Spain and Amazon Prime Video, the three main alternatives to watch series and movies in Spain. Here we compare what the three offer, but if you want to try, they all offer a free trial of one month. In the case of Prime Video, you also have a month of Amazon Premium trial and no commitment to stay.

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