Infographics – Your New Secret Weapon in Content Marketing

Content marketing, as we seen in several blog articles, is one of the main pillars of Internet marketing and an e-commerce strategy that seeks to generate positioning in short and long term. In the past years, different content formats have appeared that have been shared with great success in social networks and throughout the Internet. One of the most popular is infographics.

What is an infographic?

Infographic is a visual representation of texts, In which descriptions, narrations or interpretations, presented in a graphically figurative way, which may or may not coincide with abstract graphics. In simple terms, we can say that they are illustrations that include text, images and design, which explain some specific topic within any niche market.

Users are increasingly choosing to include infographics in their online marketing and content strategy. But, how to start creating and publishing them? Is it really worth?

Benefits of using infographics

First of all, let’s review some of the main benefits of using Internet and marketing infographics:

They demonstrate knowledge and authority

A well-made infographic shows that the author knows the subject and also has enough knowledge to be able to “pack” everything in an image, diagram that clearly explains everything necessary.

In addition to this, the infographics are signals of authority in the market. They are more visual than text. Text is universal and most widely used for sharing information on the Internet, however, more and more visual forms have emerged that involve more senses and increase the level of interaction and engagement.


A properly created infograph with great design and necessary information for users to learn – has a lot of potential to become a viral marketing element in your content strategy. Users greatly appreciate content value that provides infographics and interactive diagrams that can be understand easily and quickly.

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Easily shared

Infographics have all the elements of design and structure so they can be shared easily and quickly by users on social networks (especially Facebook and Twitter). Better Quality infographics we create, the more virality is generated.

Resources to create infographics

There are many resources to successfully create infographics. The strategy and method to choose will depend on the budget you have and the priority you give to infographics in your content marketing strategy.

It could be said that there are 2 ways to take:

Create them yourself. There are different tools and services that provide infographics templates where all you have to do is modify the text and images so that they are ready. A simple and fast way to create infographics. The only disadvantage is that they may not be so unique or professional.

Delegate it. There are many web designers and expert people who can create the infographics for you. It all starts by looking for freelancers in places where they advertise (like Guru, Freelancer, oDesk). Check very well prices and what they offer to choose the best option.

No matter which of the two options you choose, chances are that at some point you need to make some payment or investment so that the infographics can be created.

Let’s review some resources and links to create successful infographics:

1. Info.gram

Infographics - Your New Secret Weapon in Content Marketing

Good service where they offer a free registration with quality templates. If you need more designs and functionalities, you can upgrade to the pro version that costs $ 18 USD per month or for even more options the White Label version of $ 50 USD per month that offers custom logo, eliminate the credit to Info.gram and a lot of new designs.

I tried the free option and was very satisfied with the editing menu and the designs they offer. Sure the pro version is worth for people who are serious about the infographics.

Link: http://Info.gram

2. Piktochart

Infographics - Your New Secret Weapon in Content Marketing

Another excellent service to create infographics with templates and designs that seemed even better and with more variety than Info.gram. It counts with a free basic option and the paid version where you can enjoy all the potential offered by your designs.

The cost is $ 29 USD per month or an annual payment of $ 290 USD. If you are looking to create quality infographics with excellent templates and a good variety, Piktochart is one of the best options available.



Infographics - Your New Secret Weapon in Content Marketing

A good tool to create infographics quickly and with a very simple and accessible interface for any level of experience. In a few minutes you can create your first computer graphics and although the designs are not so advanced or sophisticated. Overall they do a good job.


4. Vengagge

Infographics - Your New Secret Weapon in Content Marketing

Another very good service of creation of infographics that offers a free basic option with some good functionalities and the version of payment where you can take advantage of all the benefits to 100%.

It is slightly more accessible than other options ($ 19.99 USD per month) and you can get very good designs, graphics and the possibility of exporting to PDF or PNG.


5. iCharts

Infographics - Your New Secret Weapon in Content Marketing

More focused tool in creating graphs and visual tables for topics related to the mathematics, numbers and statistics. Very useful for representing campaign results, sales goals, numbers and related aspects in any business.


6. Freelance Graphic Designer

As we saw, another good option is to delegate the task to a freelancer designer who has the ability to create infographics. This option is good especially if you need 100% custom and unique designs or if you do not have time to create your own with the tools we just reviewed.

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