KeyMe, the app to make a duplicate of keys with a photo

One of the most curious and yet useful applications of KeyMe. This service is a perfect example of how technology and smartphones can change our lives, digitizing what has always been analog, even the work of making a duplicate of keys.

Few people would think that smart house keys can be managed and through the mobile, physical keys. Well this startup has succeeded, and his idea is triumphing. Without going any further it has gotten 15 million dollars of financing from the investors.

Its application is used to manage each and every one of the keys that you use regularly. You just have to take a picture of each one. When you have them all stored in your cloud, you can even request a duplicate and it is sent immediately to the door of your house. It is a step further in the development of the so-called Internet of Things.

This way, you can save money by calling the locksmith. If you can your key you would only have to ask for a copy to KeyMe. In addition it allows to customize the design of the same from your app.

At the moment KeyMe and its duplicates only work in some areas of the United States, where they deliver home delivery and also have vending machines. In them you can collect your duplicate instantly.

Seeing the success he is reaping would not be unreasonable to make the jump to other countries very soon, although in Europe will have something more complicated due to the privacy policies of the Union, which have already caused problems for companies such as Facebook.

Although the service is not operational outside the US, the app is available for iOS and Android. You can download it and take a look at the operation of this innovative idea.

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