LinkedIn reaches 500 million active users

LinkedIn has been owned by Microsoft since December of last year. A company that has a great value in data and in quantity of users, that does not stop to grow. The professional social network has faced problems in certain countries without this affecting its growth and development. Today, LinkedIn announces that it already has more than 500 million active users in 200 countries.

LinkedIn reaches 500 million active users

According to LinkedIn, 500 million active users means a total of more than 10 million active jobs, access to more than 9 million companies and 100,000 articles published each week. The professional social network ultimately believes that this helps us to stay informed about news and opinions that affect the professional world, noting that a professional community of this size had never existed until now.

In the graphs on these lines we can see that the United Arab Emirates is in the lead as the most connected country, Sttufing and recruiting as the most connected company, or that the department more linked the network would be the human resources. In addition, London is the city where you will find the most connections to LinkedIn.

The increase from the 467 million active users existing in October 2016 to the 500 million active users today, represents an increase of 33 million active users in six months. In addition, throughout this year, LinkedIn plans to upgrade the network to offer simplified Terms of Service.

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