Microsoft Edge will be safer on Windows 10 Creators Update

With Windows 10 Creators Update will bring a great number of new features to Microsoft’s operating system: 3D creation tools, virtual reality, game mode and new features for Microsoft Edge, among others. The Redmond are knowledgeable about the potential of the browser and continue to improve with every major update of Windows 10.

Creators Update will allow us to preview all the tabs simultaneously, as well as a drawer where we can save them for later retrieval as main features in Microsoft Edge. But where Microsoft’s browser improves, it is in the security section, increasing the degree of protection of the sandbox on which the contents that we display on the browser are executed.

In particular, with this measure Microsoft aims to strengthen security to block Remote Code Execution (RCE) attacks, reducing the number of vulnerabilities that attacks of this type could explode in the browser. The browser development team has published how users will benefit from these measures:

100% reduction of access MUTEXes: allows a process to block a resource, causing blockages.
90% reduction in access to the WinRT API and DCOM: this dramatically reduces the Microsoft Edge attack surface against the WinRT API set.
70% reduction in access to events and symbolic links: symbolic links are especially interesting because they are sometimes used in creative bait and switch attacks to skip sandboxes.
40% reduction in access to devices: Windows has support for a large number of drivers and its quality is something that is beyond the control of Microsoft. The new sandbox prevents access to any device that Microsoft Edge does not need explicitly, preventing attackers from using vulnerabilities in device controls to escape the sandbox.

As we see, these improvements in security will make it even more difficult for attackers who try to penetrate our computer through the browser. That is why it is important to keep the operating system up to date by avoiding the use of tools that block the download of updates. These new features will arrive in the coming weeks to Windows 10 with the update to Creators Update.

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