Microsoft goes beyond passwords to log in

The technology industry wants to leave behind the typical passwords that are composed of combinations of numbers, letters and other characters. You want to look for safer ways to log in to online accounts, taking into account that applying different passwords for multiple services and being strong is not always easy for human memory.

In this regard, Microsoft has announced that there is a new way to connect to your accounts.

Rather than continue to require traditional login credentials for password log in as the only option, or opt for regular two-step verification, the Redmond giant offers the ability to take advantage of a login based on the phone mobile.

This will work for iOS or Android users. To take advantage of the new alternative, those users will have to add their accounts to the Microsoft Authenticator application and, once opened, enter their username. Microsoft explains that they will then get a notification that they will only have to approve to enter their respective accounts. At the moment Microsoft does not offer support for Windows, the system of the house.

From the American firm point out that “this process is easier than verification in two standard steps”. And also “much more secure than just a password, which can be forgotten, phisheada or compromised.”

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