How your mobile can save you if you lose documentation and travel cards

We raise a challenge: Imagine that you arrive in a city that is not yours and that you have lost all the cards, the cash and only have the mobile. What do you do?

In this sense we have several options. Firstly, if we do not have it downloaded we will have to find a Wi-Fi network or connect via data to download the app from our bank since many of them offer us services to withdraw money from an ATM with a code that reaches us Mobile phone instead of with a credit card. The operation varies from one entity to another but, in general, the pattern is similar.

We have to look inside the transfer option of our bank and choose the option to withdraw money with a code, there we will indicate the amount that we want to withdraw and the telephone number to which we want to send the code. Then we will receive an SMS with the code of the cashier and we will be able to withdraw our money. This applies both to sending money to ourselves and to sending money to third parties, although it may be that if the city in which we are is abroad this solution does not work.

The next thing we can do is check if our bank or our cards offer us the opportunity to pay with the mobile. At the moment there are already many banking entities that allow us to “save” our cards in the mobile and pay with them in the establishments that have contactless technology, if we have been cautious and we have already loaded in our phone we will save headaches, if it is not so , We will have to investigate in our bank’s apps how to activate those functions.

Currently the contactless technology is expanding so we can be a little more limited when making our purchases, but sure that if we go large establishments of the city or country in which we are find a store where we can buy clothes or food or Whatever we need.

If we have lost our flight documents, many of the most popular airlines offer the opportunity to obtain a boarding pass with our data that we can carry in our mobile. In this case, we will have to download the application of our airline and enter the data of our flight and our reservation, which we hopefully have in our email, and from there we will have the opportunity to request the virtual boarding pass.

This is important because to travel by plane we must have our DNI and to be able to request a document that allows us to travel without a DNI if we are abroad will help a lot to be able to prove that we have already bought an airline ticket.

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