Your mobile phone does not hide 50% of extra battery and other loops that (still) circulate through the network

They are old (not so much as cough) but they are still current today to the point of becoming a recurring message in your WhatsApp groups, especially those in which one of its members was not born in the internet age. The bulos on mobile telephony proliferate although it is enough a certain skepticism and some curiosity to disassemble the great majority of them. And we’re sorry to disappoint you, but dial # 3370 # on the keyboard will not cause your battery to recover 50% of its charge magically.

If you have not received them on WhatsApp, on your Facebook wall or by email, they will arrive soon. They are messages that contain several hoaxes but, right at the end, a totally certain recommendation to guess the IMEI number of your mobile phone (just dial * # 06 # on the keyboard), very useful when you have lost or stolen it and You need to block it from a distance.

Therefore, it is not too hard to locate some of those who are still circulating on the network and know what is behind them. What’s true and what’s false?

Open the car with the mobile

And we do not mean that your car has an application that allows you to control it remotely through your ‘smartphone’, no. This one is years old but, from time to time, it resurfaces like a phoenix. Have you lost the keys to your mobile phone and, by chance, do you have a copy at home? Is there someone at home? All you have to do is have someone call you home and press the button to open the door while you hold the phone about twenty minutes from the lock to open. Magic? Rather, a farce.

As well explained in this forum, the signals that emit both devices are different. The commands of the vehicles send electromagnetic waves whereas what would arrive to us through a call of mobile would be sound, neither more nor less. You will hardly be able to open your car with this method.

Extend the battery with the # 3370 #

Legend has it that when you are under battery you just have to dial # 3370 # on the keypad of your phone so that the battery receives an additional 50% charge. This process can be repeated with each charge of the mobile phone.

There are no magic tricks to fill the cell phone battery without plugging it into a power outlet.
The phones do not keep an ace in the sleeve in the form of an additional battery. What’s more, any manufacturer that could offer an extra 50% in their batteries would advertise it against the wind and tide to get a juicy portion of the market. But the bulo is inspired by a real fact since that code was used in the first mobile phones to deactivate the called Enhanced Full Rate, a mode that improved the reception of the telephones. Disconnecting it meant getting a little extra in the duration of those batteries that stretched for days.

Do not dial 90 #

It has its years but the police revealed a few months ago that it had resuscitated by the nets. Circulate a scam where someone posing as your operator calls you to ask you to dial the 90 # on your keyboard to make a check. Without knowing it, the user will start to charge calls made by third parties.

The OCU has repeatedly warned of a breach of which is known to have begun in 1998. Moreover, both the police and Telefonica have denied it repeatedly. In short, there is no evidence to show that dialing that number on your phone will fatten your bill at the end of the month.

Rita the Formatter

It spread in the form of a chain message that warned of the existence of a video of Rita Barberà dancing that, in fact, was a malware that erased all the information of the mobile. To give more truth, the message ensured that ‘the radio’ had offered such information.

There was never video of the old Valencia mayor dancing, although the fact that Android phones are more likely to be victims of ‘malware’ has helped that the false information has circulated more than it should.

Common phones that rip you off

“If you have a loss of 6XX XXX XXX do not call to see who called you.It is a trap phone.You will be charged the call for € 1,500,” says another of those bulls with no credibility. The telephone number has varied over time but has also included other phones with prefixes corresponding to landlines from different Spanish provinces.

Never one of these phones, or a mobile, can be charged as a special pricing number. These telephones are typified and begin with the following prefixes: 803, 806, 807, 902, 905 or 907. And so on to infinity. You’re warned.

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