Movies and TV is updated with a touch of Project NEON

A few days ago, Microsoft updated Groove Music for Windows 10, giving it a new look with NEON Project elements. Project NEON will be the next design that Windows user interfaces will carry, a design full of blur and animations.

Movies and TV also joins NEON
All Microsoft applications available in Windows 10 will receive new designs based on Project NEON. Today, the turn is the app Movies and TV. As we’ll see in the images, the app contains a slight blur in the application’s title bar.

The blur is not very noticeable, and the quality seems a bit low compared to Aero Glass in Windows 7. With the subject clear, blur is less patent. Even so, the effect is nice and fits with the rest of the interface. The new navigation design is also part of Project NEON.

It seems that this is a preliminary design, and that Microsoft will polish it in the coming months. The 10.17032.1020.0 Movies and TV update is only available to Windows 10 Insiders, and we do not know if it will reach the rest of the users or if it will arrive with Creators Update on April 11th. If you are Insider and you are in the fast ring, you can download the update from the Windows store. What do you think of the new design of Movies and TV? What do you think will be the next app that receives Project NEON?

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