The new Paint, just the first step of Microsoft towards a new era in 3D

Although in the world of mobile devices can not say that things are going too well for Microsoft, we can talk about a good moment of form in the sector of laptops and desktop. The news that Windows 10 already surpasses Windows 7 in the US and Europe is a clear reflection of this trend and the confidence that users are putting into the company’s new products.

And precisely one of these products is the Paint tool, which was recently renewed with the greatest evolution of its history. The main feature of this new software is the introduction into the 3D world, a universe we now know that will be a priority for Microsoft right now.

Apparently, from the company consider Paint as the touchstone towards a new project and a new world of possibilities. Without going any further, Microsoft’s flagship 3D experience has stated that 3D will be great in the near future when you start combining with other technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3-D printing.

Potential sight
Megan Saunders, the Microsoft manager we mentioned, has held an interview with Engagdet about all these possibilities and options for the future. According to the directive, the potential of the 3D world is immense, since for the vast majority of users working in two dimensions is something from day to day and the real challenge and novelties appear with the idea of ​​creating and sharing content in three dimensions.

In that sense, Saunders says that in addition to reaching agreements with other companies to develop their possibilities, Microsoft also must provide an ecosystem and a range of products that invite users to create in 3D and opt for this type of content.

As for the benefits that we can get users of this is also exposed an interesting vision. Leaving aside the visual and novelty of 3D design and creation, the truth is that we are also talking about a technology that improves ways to communicate and learn. After all, we live in a world in three dimensions, so that content that resembles reality, will always be easier to assimilate for people.

And Paint 3D is going to be only the first step of Microsoft towards the implantation of this whole universe. With the advent of Windows 10 Creators Update, the revamped software will be available to all users of the Microsoft system, and the firm hopes to serve as a gateway to new possibilities.

Incorporation into the system
So far all fantastic, a good list of principles and a good number of benefits for the user. But what will Microsoft do to enhance this 3D world with which it promises so much? Well, the company of Redmond has already begun to move tab towards the integration of the three-dimensional universe in its ecosystem.

Firstly, we have to highlight the creation of Remix 3D, a new social network that hopes to offer new types of interactions to users thanks to the complement of this technology. But the changes will also be noticed in the office suites.

It is expected that the new features of Microsoft 3D will also end up being incorporated into products such as Office, in order to improve the options and possibilities in the world of work. To understand it more easily, there is much talk about the possibilities that this technology could give to programs such as PowerPoint and its interactive presentations. Many promises and a promising future, which Microsoft will have to endorse on our computers.

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