One hundred child pornography groups dismantled through WhatsApp

The National Police has arrested more than 30 people in an operation against the “largest international network of child pornography through WhatsApp” so far, researchers have said. A “pioneering” operation, dubbed Tantalio, which has allowed to analyze and dismantle about a hundred groups of instant messaging application with a theme exclusively pedophile. Authorities have identified up to 136 users from 18 countries in Europe, Central and South America.

One hundred child pornography groups dismantled through WhatsApp

The research, coordinated by Europol and Interpol, is the first joint international action against child pornography in the European Union coordinated through the Action Group on Cybercrime in The Hague.

Pedophile arrests announced Tuesday by the National Police come just three weeks after the Civil Guard revealed that it had also launched a macro-operation against child pornography, called Operation Pilumnus, which ended with the arrest of 102 people. Among them, a man who abused in the Balearic Islands of at least eight children; And another recording a hotel in the Canaries to two girls who were on vacation with the family.

“These people normalize the consumption of this type of videos and even come to normalize the sexual relations with children”, explains a high command of the Spanish security forces, who adds: “But his desire is to be able to reach a less”. “I can not stop,” he told one of the prisoners in the Pilumnus operation.
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