Phil Spencer shows us what the Scorpio development kit is like

There is less and less time for the official presentation of the new Microsoft console, a console that, strange as it may seem, we have previously known the hardware behind it that its definitive name. A name that by the way the community has more than clear what should be. We will see if Microsoft ends up ignoring users or if we are facing a new Project Spartan.

Now, thanks to an interview conducted by Gamasutra to Phil Spencer, responsible for the division of Xbox, we have been able to know a little more about the new Microsoft console, even going so far as to share a photograph of its development kit.

A development kit that reminds us a lot of Xbox One S
As we can see in the photographs, this development kit from Project Scorpio reminds us a lot of the review of Xbox One and is that the kit, as we can see in the image, would be between Xbox One and Xbox One S as far as size it means. Special mention for what looks like an OLED screen located in the lower zone.

Scorpio will be a member of the Xbox One device family
In this interview, Phil, when asked about the future of the current Xbox One, has repeated what we have heard so many times, that Microsoft has committed to millions of customers with Xbox One, millions of customers that, despite Launch of Project Scorpio, remain the responsibility of the company, so their commitment to these will remain the same as so far. Without forgetting also that for the developers to reach a greater number of users it also translates into greater benefits.

For this reason the company will require developers to offer support in One, One S and Scorpio by launching or playing on Xbox One. Although as it has indicated, the only studios that launch games for a single platform are the first-party developers , Other studies have already learned how to create their tools to support multiple options as they develop such games.

According to Phil, this claim with Xbox One and Scorpio is nothing new, since it has been happening in the PC sector for years. A developer publishes a game with minimal and recommended configurations and with engines to adapt to them.

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