Private messages from Instagram are now more intimate

Instagram celebrates the five years of the acquisition by Facebook adding another feature from the platform that the company of Mark Zuckerberg could not buy: Snapchat.

After adapting, inspiring or directly copying large aspects of Snapchat’s “Stories” format, Instagram adds to its instant messaging system the possibility that our messages, images, videos and stickers disappear after being seen, as it happens in the Private Snapchat messaging.

Technically the section already existed in a certain sense, but now it has been combined in a more cohesive and combined with traditional messages.

The growth of Instagram’s private messaging platform is going largely unnoticed by the industry, centered on the more apparent “battle” of the Stories format, a field in which both companies struggle to get the attention of a more youthful than adult audience. That the camera is his most creative way of expressing himself.

Combining “ephemeral” private messages in this way will help Instagram retain more of its users. The goal is that young and not so young people who use the platform on a daily basis, have a smaller need to open another application when it comes to communicating in a private, public, ephemeral or perennial way.

Instagram has traditionally been a very conservative platform when it comes to adding new features. He has always acted with lead feet trying to keep a look centered around the multimedia content. For years, Instagram had only one function: to see square pictures of our contacts and friends.

Little by little the company was adding more features, creativity and flexibility: rectangular images, short videos, tools to combine them, galleries and more. But the two most radical changes, and those that would ultimately turn Instagram into an addiction for more than 600 million people around the world have been the ones that Snapchat has adapted – or copied.

It is difficult to guess how Snapchat could respond to the threat that Instagram poses to its growth. A challenge that was clearly detailed in its IPO during the month of March in a note to its future investors.

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