Russia shows its ‘Terminator’: able to shoot two hands and with artificial intelligence

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin says he is a robot designed for rescue work and denies it is a Terminator, but media around the globe have already named it. The humanoid robot Fedor, from which Rogozin uploaded images to Twitter last week, is capable of driving a car, using keys and other tools or even changing a light bulb, according to The Independent.

And now you can also shoot simultaneously, with millimetric precision and with both hands at the same time. The deputy prime minister accompanied the images with a message full of patriotic fervor: “Russian fighting robots, types with character of steel”.

Russia teaches humanoid robot Fedor to shoot (LVD)
To reassure those who were alarmed to see the machine firing and moving as in the sci-fi movie in which humanity faces an army of humanoid robots, Rogozin also tweeted: “We are not creating a Terminator, but artificial intelligence that Will be very important in various fields. ”

According to The Independent, although the mission for which it was created is rescue work, engineers are also suggesting military uses for Fedor.

The robot Fedor is a creation of Android Technics and the Advanced Research Fund and Russia is confident to send it to space in 2021.

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