So sees Steve Wozniak the future of Apple, Google and Facebook

Steve Wozniak is one of the most important personalities in the world of technology, although perhaps not as much as it should be. He is the co-founder of Apple, who started this company along with Steve Jobs. Today it is not part of it, and so can offer its future forecast, in which Wozniak says how he believes it will be Apple in 2075.

He did it in an interview, in which it is “ridiculous” to think that companies like Apple, Google or Facebook will not exist in 2075. Basically its reasoning is that companies with so much money do not disappear from one day to another, since they have sufficient capacity To buy from anyone threatening its oligopoly.

“Apple will be with us for a long time, like IBM – founded in 1911. Look how much money Apple has in cash 246 billion at the end of the last fiscal year. You can invest in anything. It would be ridiculous not to expect them to be around in 2017. The same applies to Google and Facebook “have been their exact words.

In addition to commenting on what Apple can do with its benefits and money, among its forecasts for the future is also the rise of smart cities. The desert is the perfect location for them, “as is the case in the Middle East.”

In these “built from scratch” cities artificial intelligence will be omnipresent, controlling the operation of public transport, traffic and other essential elements.

IPhone and MacBook, the two products decisive for the present and future of Apple

Their predictions are not only based on the budget of the most important technology companies in the world, but also on their actions. These three giants, along with Amazon and some more, are betting on any future project with possibilities to grow.

Without going any further, all three invest in Artificial Intelligence, autonomous cars and even renewable energy. Practically they are present in any sector with possibilities of business of 50 years, therefore perhaps the words of Wozniak on Apple do not go so misleading.

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