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Starting a business may sound like very complicated for many people. Yes, starting a business is not so simple since nobody guarantees the results, there is a lot of uncertainty and you can’t find business with good security and stability that offer a traditional job.

In addition to this, in many businesses or opportunities it is necessary to meet great requirements such as a large amount of money or investment, a local, franchise, employees, legal permits, etc.

All of this makes many people do not take step to start their own entrepreneurial adventure.

However, there is the Internet! And this gives us excellent advantages and unmatched benefits to start a business in a much more accessible and fast.

On the Internet you do not need so much money to start and the requirements are very basic: with a domain and a web hosting account you can start creating a web page with the potential to grant very good income and sell products 24 hours a day. Read 7 tips to create blog and start to make money online, click here.

Internet Business

In this article we are going to review some of the main booming Internet-focused businesses with accessible business models and you can start TODAY with small money.

Are you ready?

Take notes and most importantly: TAKE ACTION

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Information Products

Information and knowledge is one of the main assets on the Internet, which is shared in large proportions. Today it is easier than ever to learn about any subject, to train and acquire new skills, thanks to the Internet.

Information products are a great way to sell automated and at the same time provide knowledge and experience in any niche market.

These are the unparalleled advantages offered by this business model:

  • Automatic delivery of the product. When the sale is made the product is delivered immediately and automated.
  • Seller does not need to intervere delivery.
  • No shipping or inventory. Being a digital product, these aspects are completely forgotten.
  • Different formats. It can be text (ebooks, reports), audio, videos (dvds, tutorials, conferences) or a combination.
  • A good product of information has the potential to change the life of its clients (in relation to the subject and need that covers).

How to create an information product?

You can write an ebook with your word processor (Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Mac Pages). To record videos with a simple camera or also with a program to capture the desktop (for tutorials), for example Camtasia Studio or Screenflow.

All these tools are relatively accessible and will allow you to create your own information product in a few weeks.

Mobile apps

Mobile phones platforms are creating a complete revolution in relation to the way we communicate and interact on the web. More and more mobile users than traditional desktop computer users, that why todays trends are going to increase with many opportunities through.

Mobile applications are a great business opportunity. The best thing is that you do not need to know how to program or be an expert in creating them, since you can delegate 100% with freelancers programmers who can do the entire creation process in exchange for a few dollars.

All you have to do is develop the idea from scratch, idea the strategy of monetization, marketing and planning to launch.

The important thing is to launch it and over time are making changes through new versions with improvements. The most recommended application is that it is available for both iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android devices.


Although ebooks are part of the information products, I dedicate a special space since they have become a business model with much growth and potential in the last months and years. Especially thanks to Amazon, which allows us to become authors and publish ebooks.

In addition to be economic benefit, we also gain advantages such as authority, positioning and reputation. This business model works much better combined with others.

Now is the correct time for you to start Action. Immediately.

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