Start Scoring for Project Scorpio! The official website is here

There is less time left for the launch of the highly anticipated Project Scorpio, the Microsoft console that comes to replace the Xbox One and promises unprecedented raw power and quality.

“The most powerful console in history” already has official website

With a catalog that aims at completísimo and a revolutionary hardware, Project Scorpio is the biggest bet of Microsoft by a console since competing in this market. Its motto is “the most powerful console in history”, which already appears in the official website of Project Scorpio, which has just been released.

At the moment, it is a simple web, which keeps the mystery about the appearance, the final name and some features still to be confirmed of this console. In addition to the promising slogan, we see the “trailer” released on July 13 and confirmation of specs such as native 4K gaming support, 6 teraflops graphics processing, compatibility with Xbox One titles and accessories, a bandwidth of 320 GB / s memory and 8-core CPU.

In addition, the launch date is indicated: Christmas of 2017, a propitious moment to “make box”. It is missing to see the price of this equipment to know how far it will triumph in the Christmas campaign, but the cards are already on the table by Microsoft.

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