Tips to Build a Successful Online Store

I assume we are using wordpress anda woocommerce as backbone of our online store. So, here some tips for your to setup paypal as payment processor for your store.

Tutorial on how to build an Online Store using WordPress anda Woocommerce please click here.

In addition to the settings inside Woocommerce, in tab Checkout, it is important to configure Paypal using your own account. Because payment from customer will directly sent to that paypal account.

Where to find themes compatible with Woocommerce?

Excellent question. There are many places on the Internet to find excellent templates for Woocommerce, some contain incredible designs that you can use withour knowing how to codes. I recommend you:

Woothemes – From the same creators of Woocommerce. They have excellent modern and direct themes from the same supplier. 100% compatibility.
ThemeForest – On this site you will find some of the best designs of Woocommerce. Highly recommended and 100% adaptable to different devices. Check the eCommerce option by clicking here.
RecommendedStore – If you want to get a free or super cheap WordPress Theme that compatible with woocommercu you can use RecommendedStore WordPress Theme because they offering theme under $15 usd and you’ll get free update for your lifetime.

No matter what theme you choose, configuration and administration for your online store will exactly the same since you are using woocommerce plugin.

Tips to Build a Successful Online Store

Successful Online Store


When buying a Woocommerce theme sometimes you see the demo looks very well armed and looks excellent. It has happened to me but when I buy themes based on the demo and when I install it in my domain, I am surprised that it looks very bad and different from how it was presented to me.

This is normal, since the demos already contain products, information and images. To speed things up I recommend importing the XML file that includes your theme (in most cases) with pages and preloaded content. With this way you can make your store look better faster. The file should be included in the documentation of your template or you can ask to the seller.

You also have to enough patience since creating a virtual store need some time to get indexed to serch engine and track visitor. Woocommerce and WordPress help us a lot, but we still have to work on design and infrastructure.


Adding products, categories, attributes, images and everything needed to set up an online store successfully can become very tiring and exhausting. For example, you can create an Excel document that shows all products sorted by size, color, size, price, etc. Adding them will be much faster. Ask for help if needed.

Successful Online Store

Design matters

Success of your online store depends on many aspects and the design is certainly one of main aspects. Prioritize the choice of a quality issue, insurance and a trusted supplier. As we have seen, RecommendedStore certainly has the best Woocommerce themes for WordPress with decent money. My favorites is AllShop Theme.

Try it and you will see, setting up a virtual store is not as complicated as you might think. It is a matter of fulfilling the requirements and committing to carry out all the necessary steps. Woocommerce and WordPress give us the basics. The rest is up to us to complete requirement anda got success.

Ready to set up an online store?

Remember that Woocommerce is not the only option to set up an online store and sell on the Internet. Although WordPress and Woocommerce are certainly my preferred option.


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