Tips for Writing Optimized Content for Google

To conclude with this excellent guide, I share some tips to create better content and combine them with everything we have seen so far.

1. Quality and length

Put as priority # 1 writing long, detailed and of the best possible quality. Not all your articles have to have more than 1,000 or 2,000 words; However, if you publish these types of posts frequently, both Google and your readers will thank you very much. This involves more work, but the results are worth it.

2. Create a previous structure

Before writing, create a structure of the entire article. Define the main sections and subtopics you are going to include. In this way the final result will be a much more organized entry and also you will have much more clarity and effectiveness when writing.

Tips for Writing Optimized Content for Google

3. Good format

In the WordPress editor, add tags in titles and subtitles. This helps both for SEO and for the content to be more readable. It also uses paragraphs appropriately and intelligently. Not so long but not one line at all

4. Spell check

When we are writing it is very common that we pass some spelling mistakes that can stay forever if we do not give a prior review to publish. Make the habit of reading your content always before. You can also ask someone else to read it and you will also have an additional opinion.

5. Internal Links

Linking to other articles and publications on your blog is a good way to create an internal link structure, to provide extra content for your readers and to relate your similar content or themes in the same category.

An excellent strategy is to create articles or “pillars” pages, where you write about an important topic or general in your niche or industry, provide information and also a list of links to other similar articles on the same blog.

These types of pages are very well viewed by Google and have more possibilities to position themselves in the first places. As an example, check out this page I posted and frequently updated, which is well positioned in Google: WordPress Tutorials.

6. Create a strategy in social networks

Social networking is a sign of authority and reputation that helps Google consider whether or not to place a site in the first place. The more you share in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus an article, the more likely you have to upload positions. In addition to this they also work to generate traffic and branding.

Tips for Writing Optimized Content for Google

7. Alliances and links

Investigate in your niche other blogs that have information similar to yours and start to create a good relationship with them.

Exchange links, post as a guest on your blogs and create alliances that can give you excellent results not only in SEO, but also in your overall internet marketing strategy.

Now, after reading this guide you are ready to optimize your WordPress site or blog, create Google-friendly content and start enjoying the benefits of SEO traffic and SEO.

Remember that SEO is an ongoing process that gives results longer than short term. That is why we must be very patient and work with constancy, set concrete goals and thus conquer the first positions.


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