US chases user of Twitter anti-Trump account

The US government has had no choice but to take action on the matter after the social network refused to provide the personal information of whoever hides behind the most hater account of the president on Twitter. Since Donald Trump was in the White House, the number of users who publish tweets totally against him has been increasing.

Today it has been known that the US Department of Homeland Security has launched an internal investigation into a desperate attempt to unmask the user who hides behind the anti Trump account of Twitter @ alt_USCIS. The account is defined as immigration resistance and includes the term altgov, referring to an alternative government.

The investigation has been confirmed in a published letter that Inspector General John Roth sent to Senator Ron Wyden. It made clear that it is not a witch hunt and that the rights of the citizen will always prevail. “We strive to ensure that our work does not have a negative effect on individuals’ rights to freedom of expression,” Roth said.

The relationship between the social network and Trump is not a good time. Earlier this month, the former sued the presidency and refused to disclose the identity of Twitter’s anti-Trump account, warning that insisting to find out the hidden person behind @alt_USCIS would question the freedom of all users.

“Under these circumstances, defendants (DHS and CBP) can not force Twitter to disclose information regarding the real identities of these users without first proving that some kind of criminal or civil crime has been committed,” they said in the suit.

Of course, with a racist, xenophobic and misogynist president the least that could happen was that the most fundamental freedoms of the citizens would be affected. As much as they try to explain their behavior from the Department of Homeland Security, the need to find out who is behind Twitter’s anti-Trump account is a sign of pressure against their detractors.

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