How to use Cortana on Android without unlocking your mobile

Virtual assistants have come to smartphones to stay. Every home has its own, but Microsoft has preferred to put theirs to the service of all users regardless of the operating system. But Redmond’s have not stayed there but have now perfected their app so you can use Cortana on the lock screen of your Android smartphone.

Access Cortana with the screen locked

The operating system of the big G stands out for its artificial intelligence, a feature that makes it different from the rest and puts it on a different level compared to its competitors. If you have a compatible Android smartphone you will get you can have your own version of Google Assistant is, but one of the details to create a competitive app is its ease of access and it seems that is something that Microsoft has taken very much into account.

Now the mobile version of Cortana can be used from the lock screen. The Microsoft Assistant icon will appear at the bottom of the screen, ready for any question. In addition, as confirmed by the company founded by Bill Gates in his blog, Cortana will have its own screen before the lock so the user has at a glance the most important information like time or appointments without unlocking your phone. After this move, will we see a PC version of Google Assistant ?.

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