Voice transcription, the new feature that Microsoft incorporates into Xbox One and Windows 10

If there is something that we can not complain about the users of Xbox One is not to receive new features in our console, and is that Microsoft are doing a huge job to continue to offer users of Xbox One more and more features, functions Which, like Xbox Play Anywhere or backward compatibility, are more than grateful for all.

Now, Microsoft has just announced the arrival of a new feature to Xbox One and Windows 10, we talk about transcribing voice to text automatically and in real time. A feature that is already available in Halo Wars 2 and will be extended to more titles in the future.

Multiplayer wins an ally
Many times, when we are playing a certain game in multiplayer mode, being able to converse with the rest of the team mates can be decisive in the future of the game. However, on many occasions the shame of talking to strangers can and does pass the time and no member of the group has articulated word.

Xbox One Controller connected by cable © Technology by Words SL Xbox One Controller connected by cable
The alternative for this type of user until now was to write a text chat, something that if on PC where we have a keyboard is reasonable, on Xbox One is not as simple as it should. However, with this new feature, the excuses are over, since no one should be ashamed that other colleagues can read our directions through a text chat.

People with hearing problems have add In addition, this new feature will be perfect for those with hearing problems, some people with this new feature could actively participate in any multiplayer game.

Another important aspect to mention is that this feature works both ways, so you can both transcribe to text our voice and dictate the text of a chat.

The voice transcript arrives at Halo Hars 2 © Tecnologia por Palabras SL The voice transcript arrives at Halo Hars 2
This new feature, which as we said before is already available in Halo Wars 2, will arrive, according to indicate from Microsoft itself, more titles in the future. What do you think of this new feature? Would you use group chats if the voice transcript comes to fruition?

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