If you want to be immortal, join this web

As if a chapter of the famous British series Black Mirror was, there is a startup that has set out to keep you alive on the Internet beyond death. Not to you, of course, but to your memory or reflection. To achieve this you want to create a digital copy that reproduces your behavior through a mobile application making you virtually immortal.

It is a project of an MIT member who is already in closed beta phase. Eternime, the name of the project, studies the reactions and comments in social networks and messaging applications of all volunteers, managing to create a digital ghost that pretends to him when it comes to interacting.

The intention is ambitious at least, although it can also be disturbing for many people. Since 2014 has been running this project, which despite having been paralyzed for a couple of years, seems to be moving definitively. This has been communicated by Marius Ursache, the creator of the startup.

What prompted this scientist to pursue his idea was a letter from a person with terminal cancer. “Eternime was the last chance to leave something for my friends and family,” he wrote to Ursache. From there, everything was on wheels thanks to the excellent response of the community.

More than 3,000 people have registered at Eterni.me to participate in the trial period of this service. It seems that living beyond death on the Internet has a lot of appeal. “It would be something like leaving a digital legacy that allows your great-grandchildren to interact with your great-great-grandfather.” Says the creator of the company.

We will have to follow the project closely, because to overcome the beta phase and go out to the market would be an idea valued in a good handful of millions. Surely there are investors who have been eyeing Eternime, one of the most innovative technological ideas coming out of the laboratories of MIT.

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