Why create a Blog?

What are Benefits of Creating a Blog ???

Today we can find more than 150 million blogs on the Internet. Yes, you read correctly! 150 million.

If you do not have a blog yet, you may well be thinking: “Why create a blog if there are so many?”

I know a lot of people who think the same thing and why (or for any other reason) they still do not want to express their ideas, knowledge and experiences on the Web.

However, not because there are so many means that the doors are closed for new bloggers. On the contrary, today more than ever people are needed with conviction, determination and desire to contribute something.

Today it is very easy to begin, to become known, to connect with people who have similar tastes and passions to ours and to influence with a message of their own.

That is one of the marvels of blogging: NO ONE has your own knowledge, experience and ideas; And consequently, no one can publish like you.

Each person has a unique identity that can turn into a successful blog.

The incredible benefits of creating a blog

If after reading this motivator message you are still not very convinced, I present 12 benefits of creating a blog, from personal aspects to professionals.

After reading it I’m sure you’ll be ready and eager to start. And if it is not, at least you have more disposition than a few minutes ago.

Impulse for a new business

When a new business or company is created, nobody knows it. It’s like living in a new city; You have to start from scratch, meet places and people to gradually familiarize yourself with everything.

The same thing happens with a new business or company, you reach an unknown territory with the aim of being a protagonist and making yourself known. This is one of the most important tasks of any new entrepreneur.

A blog is an excellent boost for any new business. By publishing relevant content, you can reach more people, communicate, offer something of value and start creating a relationship of trust.

More clients

Do you already have a business in progress or are you looking for your first customers?
Very good. One of the factors that allow you to sell more whether on the internet or anywhere else is trust. If the people in your industry or niche trust you and what you offer, the next step will be to buy your products and / or services.

One of the best ways to create trust and “win” people is through information and content that brings something positive to their lives. All this is achieved through a blog

Example: Imagine I have a blog about fitness and weight loss. I just finished a continuous coaching program that costs $ 297 USD per month, where I teach step by step how to transform the health, energy and well-being of each client through good diet, exercise and motivation.

Instead of trying to sell on the first interaction I have with people who visit my website. First I create a list of email marketing with links to my blog, where I publish articles with information and advice that can apply at the moment to see immediate positive results.

If those readers are already having results with the free tips of the blog, it will be much more likely to hire the personalized coaching service than if you try to sell them without first offering something that can benefit them.

A blog is a source of education and training. Something that by nature drives sales and the number of customers.

A better job

Looking for a new job with more opportunities for growth? Start your blog today.

Today many companies (or most) do a little research on the Internet of each of their candidates to be hired.

It’s your turn. Your future boss checks your documents, gets into Google (or Linkedin) and writes your name in the search bar.

Instead of leaving your Facebook profile with photos of the weekend party (as is the case with most), the link to your blog appears.

When you enter, check all the articles and content you have written, which are of course related to what would be your new position in the company.

When you finish reading some entries in the blog, that person has gone from being your future boss to your current boss. You are hired!

And all thanks to your blog. Well, maybe not everything, but it did help you. A blog is synonymous with knowledge and experience. Do not waste that resource.

Make a brand or product known

Today is much easier than ever to create a new product or brand. It can be an application, a digital book, a course or even any physical product.

Creating a product (or buying it to sell later) is the first step. What follows is a whole process of promotion and marketing that will attract visitors and traffic to your website and in this way make known your new creation.

There are hundreds of ways you can apply to promote a product. One of the most effective and best results are the blogs.

In your blog you can publish endless information related to your product, for example:

  1. What is it
  2. How does it work
  3. Its advantages
  4. Testimonials from others who have used it
  5. Promotions
  6. Tips or lessons related to the topic
  7. What’s New
  8. Much more

Remember: on the Internet information is power. And with a blog you have that power to influence, promote and sell any product or service.

Create an audience

By offering relevant and valuable content, it is normal for people who take advantage of all that information to return to your blog to continue learning. As more readers you get, a small audience is formed that reads everything you publish, knows you and trusts your knowledge.

This is an invaluable advantage. Know that there are people who are willing to read and learn from you.

In order not to leave that audience adrift and wait for them to return of their own volition to your blog, it is best to use email marketing, capture emails and send messages with links to your blog.

Each message can represent hundreds of loyal readers who benefit from your content and help grow your business. And All parties win.

Publish eBooks

Publishing articles on a blog works as training for something very interesting and you can leave great results in any business and marketing plan: publishing a digital book.

The opportunity to become author and publish books is greater than ever. What is needed to achieve it?

  1. A text editor
  2. A specific topic related to your niche
  3. Discipline to achieve it
  4. Once your book is finished, you can publish it on Amazon, publish it on your blog and sell it on your own or through any other payment platform.

If you are not ready yet, publish it on your blog, make it a habit to write a little every day and when you least expect it you can take the next step and be a recognized author.

Offer services

Digital products like courses and e-books are a great model of automated selling. Applications and software can also sell very well, especially if they meet a major need.

But do not forget the services. There are many people who do not want to learn with a course. They have no time, no disposition or for any other reason they need someone to do the work for them.

The services work for this. A company or person offering services has an ally in a blog that will let you know how your work, your style and the results you can give the customer.

All this in advance. Free of charge. Leave everything ready to be hired thanks to your valuable entries in the blog.

When creating a blog you can also receive immediate feedback from readers interested in services you can offer. In this way you adapt your offer more to what the market really needs.

If you sell services on the Internet, a blog is something elementary. No matter the niche or theme.

More Web Traffic and Better SEO

A bit logical and obvious, but it is important to mention.

With an active blog and with excellent content you get more visits.

Writing and posting does not mean that you will have thousands of hits a day by magic. It is also necessary to promote these entries through different digital media such as social networks, e-mail, directories, link exchanges, forums and much more.

A great blog plus a correct marketing plan equates to more traffic and better results.

Viral and Content Marketing

Within the world of traffic there is a term we all wish and would like to have for our website or blog: viral marketing.

What is viral marketing?
“The use of online marketing techniques that are used to spread a campaign, promotion, product or information in social networks, forums, blogs and all kinds of communication channels and create a chain that helps expand the scope of the message “.

In addition to helping increase visits, a blog is the perfect vehicle to create viral marketing and achieve that “snowball effect” where your campaign can not stop being shared across the network.

Create in your blog a special offer of your product, a 5,000 word guide explaining and solving some important problem in your niche, a controversial video that generates controversy or any other similar material.

Grow your subscriber list

A list of subscribers is one of the most important assets of any Internet business. Even more so if you have a good relationship with those subscribers.

As we have seen, trust is key and information on the Internet is a means to accelerate its creation.

If you constantly publish in your blog and offer quality information, you will create some confidence and inclination for your readers to become subscribers.

Once you are a subscriber, trust continues to grow and grow with every message that comes to your inbox.

The goal is that once they are subscribers, they can become customers. For this email marketing is very good.

In conclusion: A blog will allow you to grow your list and at the same time continue to educate and add value to each subscriber through updates with relevant content.

It helps both the generation and the fidelity of the subscribers.

Position yourself as an expert in a market

If you are looking to be recognized as a benchmark and expert in your niche market, blogging is one of the most effective ways to achieve it.

We have already seen that a blog allows to contribute, educate and create trust. All this also facilitates recognition of the author as an authority with experience in the subject in which it is developed.

Of course, if you are looking for this benefit, do not go to bloggear anonymously. Put your name, photo and a small description in the entries and in some sidebar of your blog.


If we want to achieve excellent results in any business model on the Internet, we need the help of other people sooner or later.

No matter what your niche, there are sure to be other people and experts who offer products and solutions to the same market. Instead of seeing them as competition (which will always be in a certain way), why not create alliances?

An alliance offers countless advantages that can make the difference between growing exponentially or stagnating for months or even years.

How can you partner to have better results? Here are some ideas:

  1. Create a product together with another “blogger” and offer it to a larger and varied audience
  2. Exchange of mails to the list of each recommending the blog or product of the other
  3. Articles as a guest for more traffic
  4. Posts in social networks
  5. Product promotions as an affiliate (with or without bonuses)
  6. Much more!

Start by identifying the most influential people in your niche and slowly connect with them. Leave detailed comments and contribute positive things in your blog and create a good relationship that in the medium and long term has many chances of being an alliance.

What do you think of these benefits of creating and publishing in a blog?

I could keep naming more, but I think these are more than enough to demonstrate the power of a blog and content marketing.

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