So you will see in WhatsApp your location in real time

In WhatsApp are about to incorporate a function that will generate even more controversy than the arrival of the new states. There will be an option that will allow real-time sharing of our location with the contacts, and thanks to the version of WhatsApp Beta we have known how easy it will be to activate this option. The other person will see in real time where we are in each moment.

But contrary to what was initially thought, the option of sharing the live location in WhatsApp will not be exclusive to groups, but will also work with individual contacts. Thus, a person may ask us not only to show where we are at that moment, but also will make it even more difficult to lie with the location if you decide to ask us to activate the location function in real time. In a matter of weeks this new function will arrive.

Luckily, the live location will only be shared for a certain period of time. The application will give us the possibility to choose between three different periods of time: 15 minutes, one hour and four hours, as well as the possibility to stop the location manually from the chat. The location will be shared directly from the chat, as if it were a photo or an attached video.

So you will see in WhatsApp your location in real time

This will be the aspect of the new WhatsApp feature
In fact, the latest leak has revealed that WhatsApp’s live location can be shared directly from the clip’s icon, just as we would if we wanted to send a photo or video. You will have to enter the usual “Send location” tab, and the only difference is that, instead of clicking on “Send this location”, we must click on “Share live location”. This feature is not yet visible in your app, but the WhatsApp test versions reveal that everything is ready for this tool to start up.

Once we have started to share our live location, in the chat we will see a message indicating how far our location will be visible, as well as there will be a “Stop location” button when we want to deactivate this function ahead of time. The location can be shared in this way both with individual contacts and in the groups themselves.

It’s only a matter of time before WhatsApp is updated with this real-time location feature, and will do so in both its iOS version and Android version. At the moment, this new functionality has been detected in the version in tests number 2.17.11 of the app for iOS and version 2.17.151 in Android.

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