YouTube teaches users how to detect fake news

YouTube continues with the signature intention to fight the false news. In this way he has decided to contribute in a pedagogical way so that its users understand the importance of protecting the information platform that is not real.

Internet Citizens a program that aims to have a group of youtubers give a series of workshops, talks and dynamics so that the attendees are better citizens of the web and learn to distinguish the veracity of the contents that are housed there and denouncing the news Falsehoods they find.

As they have commented from the British media Mirror, the cycle of workshops will begin in the UK, but will expand to different countries in Europe.

Naomi Gummer, head of public policy at YouTube, says that this is a program of great relevance, as it encourages good practices in the use of the internet.

“The Internet is what we want it to be. It can be an unpleasant place where people do not understand and are deliberately deceived, or it can be this incredible place where we can share, collaborate, understand and help each other. We all have a role to play to make it a more positive and healthy meeting point. It sounds great, but it’s actually easy. “Says Gummer.

Among the topics that will be highlighted in the workshops are hate speech, the distinction of a false news to a truthful and the uses of video to generate community.

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